About - Piers Coe


Adventure, Travel, Photography, and some Digital Art to pay the bills…

Given half a chance, I’m somewhere with mountains, or forests, or wilderness, or wildlife, or better yet – all of the above.

I love travel, exploring new places, and spending time anywhere that’s past that minimum-required-effort-for-peace-and-tranquility threshold. It’s usually not much more than an hour’s hike away from a given trail-head… just enough so that 90% of people don’t get that far. It’s bliss once you’re there.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit 26 countries so far, 70° North to 5° South , 125° East to 127° West, and have an ever-growing list of places in the must-see column…

That list never really seems to do anything but grow. So many places, so little annual leave. Some of them, I would happily go back to time-and-again… there’s some I’d love to move to permanently given the chance (I’m looking at you, Vancouver Island ), but in the mean time… just gotta’ keep seeing as many as I can!

Done so far:

England – France – Luxembourg – Belgium – Netherlands – Germany – Denmark – Norway – Iceland – Spain – Portugal – Switzerland – Italy – Czech Republic – Austria – Croatia – Serbia – Sri Lanka – Maldives – Indonesia – Bahamas – USA – Singapore – Monaco –  Sweden – Canada. Oh Canada.

High up on the to-do list:

Madagascar – Chile – Costa Rica – New Zealand – Antarctica

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